Tropical Talk – Is ‘Remote Work’ a Fad?

Tropical Talk – Is ‘Remote Work’ a Fad?
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This is the first instalment on a series I’m calling Tropical Talk. This series dissects the details, hot topics, and general discussions about living a life of more freedom, greater happiness, and of course more travel.

What is Remote Work?

The funny thing about defining such a term is that it can take on so many meanings, depending on who you ask. For some, it simply means being able to log into your workplace’s VPN network from home on days that you’re sick. For others, it means having the freedom of working from home whenever you’d like, and only going into the office once or twice a quarter. For others, the one’s I will focus on in this series, it means being about to take work with you wherever you go. Be it Thailand, Turkey, or Tokyo, all you need is an internet connection and a computer of some sort.

Why The Attraction?

There is no definite reason why people are attracted to remote work. That being said, I have my own theory.

Think about your grandparents. They were so hard working. They worked for the same carpet company for 45 years and never complained once. They put food on the table and clothes on their kids backs. For a family, they made life simple.

You know what else was simple back then? society, economics, politics, the entire world.

The world is a complicated and frankly confused place right now. That’s not being pessimistic, that’s being real.

Now a days, young adults and adults alike are realizing the freedom that comes with remote work. It allows for more liberation and elimination of so many things in your life.

In a world full of uncertainty, negativity, control, and corporations, remote work offer’s an escape.

The Realities

Before you go off and quit your job of 20 years or drop out of school, just know this first. Remote work is not easy. It takes incredible discipline, a willingness to always be learning, and most importantly, being able to deal with ambiguity.

Remote work might mean that you don’t have a bi-weekly steady income stream like that desk-job promised you. It also means that you might lose some social aspects that a workplace can offer. Also, and this is a biggy for some, you might lose some bonuses like health benefits, insurance, and more…

Did you run away with? I hope not.

The positive realities are that you get to choose when, where, how, and why you work. Not only that, you can choose what you work on.

If you have a passion or are talented at something, odds are that it can be turned into a job.

Are you passionate about yoga but also want to travel the world? Start a business that enables you to create meetups and yoga sessions for other travels in the area!

Are you super talented at web design but don’t want to work for a startup in Silicon Valley? Visit and you’ll thank me later.

Is it a Fad?

To be honest, I would not classify this as a fad. I believe that is where our generation is headed for a good amount of time. If I had to guess, I would think that this remote work phase will be around for another 20-40 years. Until the young generation has fully grown, and there is another batch along the way.

Personally, I am a huge advocate for remote work. I believe it is a beautiful system that, if done correctly, can lead to something huge in the future for all of us.