Help Support The Sick Kids Foundation & Our Travels

Help Support The Sick Kids Foundation & Our Travels
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CLICK HERE: To donate towards our Go Fund Me Page

We believe in a more fulfilling and great life through the power of travel.

We want to share our tools, tips, stories, and opinions on how to achieve a life of more freedom and happiness.


As a kid, I (Josh) didn’t feel that I was worthy enough to do anything as special as travel the world, because of a physical defect known as a Cleft-Lip that I was born with. That is why we want to donate 10% of our raised money to the Sick Kids foundation, a haven for kids and where I spent a lot of time as a kid.

The SIck Kids Foundation does miracles for children from all walks of life. They believe in a healthier and more prosperous future for all kids. I know from experience, they do wonders.

Visit their site for even more information on what kind of incredible work they perform.


Through the powers of blogging, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat, we plan to bring the experienece to you.

We will share our thoughts, experienecs, special moments, and honest opinions with the world.

Some examples of how we will do this are:
– Daily Video Blogs
– Live Streams on Facebook
– Blog Posts on our experiences
– Instagram content
– Youtube Travel Videos

Here’s an example of what we do:

Why Should You Donate?
The obvious question is: why should you give your hard earned money for someone elses travels?

This donation is not a one-way street. We want to make this a symbiotic relationship. If you provide us with the resources to make our passions come alive, we will provide you with the tools, tips, tricks, and content to make your dreams come true too.

As mentioned before, we will donate 10% of all raised funds towards the Sick Kids Foundation.

Anything and everything will help both us and more importantly, the children of Sick Kids hospital.

How Will We Use Your Money?
Let me break it down for you. These totals are combined for the two of us, for 3 weeks of travel:

Flight (Round Trip) – $1700
Food – $250
Housing – $200
Transportation: $200

Total – $2,350

Did you know that a simple $5 donation will provide us with sufficient food in Thailand for an entire day? To us, that is monumental.

Have We Started Anything Yet?
Yes! Both Britany and I have Blog’s and social media accounts to go along with them. Britany’s blog is all about healthy living and wellness, while mine is about achieving a more fulfilling and potential life through the powers of self-actualization and travel.

What Happens After Our Travels?
Our main goal with this travel stint is to grow our audience monumentally through the power of you! With your donations, shares, likes, and comments, you will help to make our dreams grow and grow.

This is just the beginning of what will be a fulfilling and growing life for us and YOU.

Lots of Love!

Britany & Josh

Britany’s Blog –
Josh’s Blog-
Britany’s Instagram –
Josh’s Instagram –

* To ensure that an accurate 10% of all proceeds will go directy to the Sick Kids Foundation, every backer of our Go Fund Me Page will recieve updates, as well as confirmations of us donating the money to the Sick Kids Foundation.*