Quality over Quantity

Quality over Quantity
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The message behind this post will apply to every walk of life from friends, to work, to a late night in the bedroom.

For the purpose of this post, I will focus on People and work.

Why Quality Matters

Think about the New York Times newspaper. They have hundreds of articles in every edition (quantity) but only a select few get chosen to have front page access (quality). Mind you, the front page could be filled with headlines that help to sell the paper, but typically the most quality works get the biggest segments.


Growing up, the popular thing to do was to have as many friends as possible. Or, more twenty-first-century, the most important aspect of popularity is the number of Instagram followers you have.

If you’ve ever tried to be your true unique self (Read: ¬† ), odds are that some of those people with love you more and some with find a piece of negativity to hit you with.

At first, the quantity is what mattered to you. Now, the quality of your friends (both virtual and physical) are what count.

I’d rather have 100 friends who share an in-depth passion towards my passions over 10,000 friends who don’t even care about what I’m passionate about.


Work is an interesting one because it can take on multiple meanings. For this post, I will discuss the positive effects of meaningful and unique work, as opposed to mundane repetitive tasks that don’t invigorate the soul.

If you have a job or career that requires you to do the same relative tasks day in and day out, you might fall into the category of repetitive tasks (quantity). If this is the case, you need to ask yourself if these activities are exciting you on a daily basis. If they truly are, then all the power to you (quality). If, however, they drain you of energy and positivity, rethink you role at what you do. Is there a way to shake it up and make it interesting? Is it time to move on? Start to consider these things as work takes up a large part of your being.

First Step is Awareness

My mantra with everything in life is to be constructively critical. What I mean by that is examine everything you do on a daily basis, big and small. No matter what you are engaging in, there is probably some sort of improvement. This is the critical piece because it sounds as if you are harping on yourself. The constructive piece, however, is when you realize these things and tell yourself that: “I can do something about this and improve for tomorrow.”

Constructively Critical.

If you aren’t learning and improving every day of your life, how do you expect to advance and make great things happen? Edison didn’t try the same thing over and over again to invent the light bulb. He improved every single time, until he got it right. ūüí°