Stop Trying to Impress People

Stop Trying to Impress People
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[5 minute read]

This is going to be a tough pill to swallow.

Buckle your safety belts and hold on for this revelation.

The Roots

Society, among other factors, has groomed us to be great at being just like everyone else. We talk the same, we walk the same, we wear the same clothing. This isn’t a coincidence. This is because we are constantly on the hunt to fit in and please the masses.

Here comes the realization:

If you want to be like everyone else, then keep doing what you’re doing. Keep fitting in, keep trying to please the world, and keep on making everyone happy. If you want to be your own unique self, then do just that. Period.

Fitting In

Most parents look at their kids in the school yard playground on the first day of school, and silently think to themselves, “I hope they are able to fit in and get along.” Even though the intention may be positive, think about the fundamental effects that this has on a child. Even from a very young age, they are groomed to be like everyone else.

Again, this is not necessarily an issue. The issue only arises when YOU want to be your own self and grow because of it. The issue is that this mindset stops you from doing your own thing.

Being Different

Being different in any way is your gateway to more freedom in life. Let me explain. When you realize that you are the only one stopping you from doing what you really love to do, then great things can happen. You start to accomplish things that you would’ve otherwise thought impossible. You start to meet you new people that are like minded and share ideas. If anything, you will definitely start to find things out about yourself that may have been buried forever.

Are you a big masculine (for the sake of this post I’ll use the societal norm of the word masculine to describe a muscular male figure) dude that suddenly wants to get into crochet or knitting? Do it. Who’s stopping you? Only your own head.

I promise, for every 1 person that hates what you’re doing, there will be 100 that love it. It may seem like a cold quiet endeavor to begin with, but I assure you that you will either find others, or the others will come to realize the same thing.

Look at this list of people and tell me which of them is/was just like “everyone else in society”:

  • Martin Luther Kind Jr.
  • Steve Jobs
  • Barack Obama
  • Rosa Parks
  • Steven Spielberg
  • Oprah Winfrey

Every single one of these iconic people have been wildly impactful and successful in their respective passions and fields. That is because they 1) Were not afraid to think different and be different, and 2) Did not give a single f**k about what anyone thought.

The Side Effects

I’ll get straight to it.

You will lose or distance yourself from people that are close to you. It’s not because you have something against them, but rather that you are so invested in your own passions and growth that you realize how different you might be from those close to you. They could be friends, loved ones, family, co-workers. The good news? You will gain several new life long companions to call friends and family that are so aligned with your vision. Look forward to these moments and cherish them, as they are rare and unexpected.

Be Your Own Self

Are you afraid of failure, hatred, betrayal, or negativity? Don’t be. All of these thoughts are coming from a place you should not be a part of.

I know from experience. I’ve had people tell me that I shouldn’t be pursuing a certain passion because its stupid or it has no potential. To be honest, these words would hurt me incredibly. Now? I laugh at the though of it. These people are small minded. They think like everyone else. You have complete control as to who and what you associate with. Make those choices wisely as they will impact everything you do.

Good luck and never stop grinding for you,