Why You Shouldn’t OVER Plan Your Trip

Why You Shouldn’t OVER Plan Your Trip
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When going to a new destination for travel, naturally we resort to several resources to gain a clearer picture towards what to expect when away.

There are several things we should look at and consider, and some that we should merely peak at.

The Should’s

I’ll be honest. Catching a plane to Cambodia and thinking that you can just waltz around and not worry about a single thing is foolish.

The fact is that we live in a world that has more rules than ever, and as much as you love to challenge and break the rules (probably why you enjoy this blog), there are some that when followed, make your life a lot easier. We will refer to these pesky things as Logistics of Travel (LOT for short)

Logistics of Travel

Below, I have compiled a list of LOTs that are a must to think about before jet-setting.

  • Passport & VISA Requirements
  • Insurance Requirements
  • Length of stay restrictions
  • Vaccinations
  • Legal ages for activities (eg. drinking, gambling, etc…)
  • Climate when travelling
  • Average daily costs
  • Other governmental or societal norms that may raise a flag

The reason these LOTs are a must before travelling is because you don’t, for example, want to travel half way across the world just to find out that you don’t have the correct VISA.

While it may seem like common sense to think about these things, you’d be surprised how many people neglect them because they are too concerned about other things in their life.

The Peaking

We have a tendency to want nothing but perfection on a trip. People have a driving mantra that as long as everything is planned out in advance, there will be no hiccups or hurdles. The fact is that life is not perfect, even back home. Be ready for the unexpected.

That being said, you also should never over plan things like restaurant visits, tourist attractions, or landscape expectations. Just take a peak at some websites for a quick glance into the thoughts or feelings that you might have when actually there! Spontaneity is always more enjoyable and memorable than an overpriced tourist attraction that you planned for months in advance.

By taking a little peak at websites such as Lonely Planet or Youtube, you can start to gain excitement and feelings.

The mistake is that we indulge too much before the trip, that our reality becomes sub-par.

This is because most of what we read online is marketing material that only shows the positives. This is very true for blogs and Youtube channels.

Take these perspectives with grain of salt!


Plan logically for the things that need to be planned for. Leave the experiences and adventures for when you are actually travelling. You will have more memorable and enjoyable moments this way.

Love & Travel,


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