Start a Blog For The Price of a Coffee

Start a Blog For The Price of a Coffee
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So you’ve got a growing passion that you want to share with the world.

Why not start a blog?

A blog is the simpliest and cheapest way to get your passions and stories out there. The best part? It can be done for the same price as a coffee, every month.


Follow this simple steps and you’ll be writing in no time…

1. Define Your Passion Points

Take me for example. I love travel, photography, videography, and psycology. Find a way to fuse your passion points together in order to make a cohesive and related blog.

My primary topic will always travel. That is the core of my blog. However, I will occasionally create content related to my other passions, always finding a way to relate them back to travel.

Defining your passion points will be key to keeping your blog specific enough so that it has a clear purpose, but open enough so that your primary topic can be expanded upon.

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2. Choose a Platform

A massive perentage of websites are run using WordPress. Why? In my opinion, I believe that they have developed the most user friendly, adaptable, and sizeable platform for any blogging website. Think about websites like TechCrunch, BBC, The New Yorker, Sony Music, or MTV. They al use WordPress as their engine.

There are other platforms such as Squarespace and Wix out there that provide you with amazing blogging services, but wordpress is constantly tried and tested by the industry. It is the standard.

My favourite part about WordPress? The flexibility and customization. You’ll see more and more of this as your dive in deeper with WordPress, but it is incredible. Trust me.

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3. Hosting For The Price of a Coffee

First, let’s define what hosting is. Imagine you’re planning a party. You (the party planner) is the person that owns and operates the blog. Your party guests are the viewers and readers of your blog. The house where the party is at is WordPress, where you write and show off your blog. Your LAND is the hosting service. 

Without land, you have no house. without a house, you have no people. Without people, you have no party. Without a party, you have no blog.

Hosting is the most fudemental layer to making your site come alive. 

Second, let’s figure out how to buy hosting. This is where our coffee change will come into play. The reason hosting costs money is because you are literally buying a piece of virtual (and physical) space on a company’s hard drive. They are called servers”. All you’ll need to know is that a server is essentially a hard drive that constantly comminicates with your blog. It is where your entire blog (think theme, posts, images, videos, add-ons) will be kept. Everytime someone tries to load anything on your blog, their computer communicates with the server and BAM, there’s your website.

Why not buy a hard drive from Walmart and do it yourself? Most likely, you won’t know how to set it up in the best way for the sole purpose of being a server for a public website. I sure don’t… And, it’ll probably be a bigger headache for you that just paying a few dollars to get it done.

So, which companies offer hosting? There are thousands. But here are a few of my top picks:

  1. Hostgator (Price of a coffee)
  2. Blue Host
  3. Inmotion Hosting

Hostgator is my top pick. Why? Because they offer pretty fast speeds, a super easy to use layout, several wordpress specific tools, and INCREDIBLE customer service. They have a live chat that will solve any problem in a few minutes.

4. The Power of P & C

Persistance and Consistancy.

These two attitudes are the most powerful growth tool when it comes to blogging. There will be days when you have several page views and lots of visitors without even trying. But, there are also days when you work your butt off, and get terrible results.

The lesson? Try your hardest, and then even harder tomorrow.

You never know when a blog post will catch on or get to the right person, but the only sure way to not succeed is if you find excuses to stop trying.

Just keep going.

Enjoy the wonders of blogging!

Some of the next steps include how to write effectively, user experienec, advertising, and affiliate programs. But those will have to wait…



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