How To: Not Give a F**k

How To: Not Give a F**k
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You don’t even realize it, but there are a million things that surround you every day. Each of these help shape who you become.

I’m here to teach you how to filter these thoughts and happenings.

1. Define what it means to “not give a f**k”

Let’s be real, if you truly walked around the world and didnt give a f**k about anything, you’d be the most boring person alive.

Not giving a f**k is the ability to filter out the negative or damaging thoughts and actions that come into your space every day.

Sounds obvious, right? Well, it is often neglected.

and the reason it is so crucial is because if we do let these negative comments in, then we are telling ourselves that this is the way things are.

If you are reading this, you are someone who wants MORE, and who wants to find their true potential.

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2. Filtering out the negative

Anything or anyone that provides you with negativety, pessimism, or doubt is not worth your time and energy.

Let me be clear, there is a diference between constructive feedback and negativety. The people that give you the right feedback are invaluable. Never loose sight of them. The people who give you direct negativety and doubt towards your life can be blocked out immediately.


Focus and surround yourself with the postive. 

Whether that means working on something that you’re passionate about, being in a certain place, or interacting with the right people. Always spend your time with something that makes you happy.

Action Steps: With everything you do, focus on how you feel when doing it. Are you happy in the setting? With the people? Doing that specific task? If you are, then keep doing it and refine it further. If you aren’t happy, then you can add those things to the list of activities that you will not associate with.


3. Journal For Lasting Effects.

Every night, Britany and I used to write down three things that we loved about the day. Big or small, it didn’t matter. If something put a smile on your face, write it down.

The hard part is to not include any of the negatives. Don’t get us wrong, the negatives should always provide you with lessons and learns that you can apply to your daily life, but the actions themselves should not be engraved in your memory.

Write down only the positive. Remember how I said that we used to do this? After a while, you’ll find that this mindset and way of thinking will become natural. Your brain will be hardwired to think positively about the day, which in the long run results in a more content life.

This means that even in the moment, people’s actions or words will have less of an impact on you. You will become to not give a f**k.