Road to Aruba – 3 Days to Go

Road to Aruba – 3 Days to Go
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Is this thing on?

So, Britany and I decided to start a little travel blog.

But, for us this is more than just a blog. This is about sharing our way of thinking.

We believe in a world in infinite possibilities. We believe that no matter what your background or current state, you have the potential to be and do whatever you set your mind to.

Do What You Can’t.

Here’s a little video for some modivation…

Inspired yet? We sure are.

So, we hope you enjoy our adventures. We love that you’re tagging along.

Oh, and we leave for Aruba in 3 days!

Our goal is to write a little something every day in the hopes that you can become inspired and motivated to do great things.

We all have the potential, but we also all have a million barriers in our way. Lets break them down, tear them apart, show them who’s boss, and kick some ass.

Lots of love,


Britany and Josh