DIRT Restaurant – For The Healthy Urban Wanderer

DIRT Restaurant – For The Healthy Urban Wanderer
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[6 minute review]

One of our missions on our trip to Miami this time was to find the best healthy gems in the area. Our choices did not dissapoint. Topping our list was DIRT; a modern and urban twist on the simple science of home cooked, wholesome foods.

The place doesn’t look like much from the outside, which I believe is part of the overall environment. Everything about this place is clean, minimal, and sharp.


What Did We Get?

As hungry 20 year olds, we decided to go all out! For drinks, we ordered their americano and home made kombucha. We were already in awe… For foods, we ordered an Avocado toast and a their Beet & Pumpkin Seed Toast. Both tasted so incredibly fresh and local. When ordering, your mind might trick you into thinking that a toast with avocado is not nearly enough for your hungy belly. But trust us, it is! We loved and enjoyed every single bite, and couldn’t get enough of it… We ended up being┬áSO FULL!

Would we go back?

There’s a time and place for wanting to eat super healhy and fresh in Miami. If we are ever in the mood for this wholesome food again (which we will be), DIRT will be at the top of our list.

What Did We Like Most?

Besides the obvious gorgeous decor and lovely staff, we thought long and hard about what grabbed our attention and made us smile even after leaving. In the end, it was their attention to detail.

When you walk in, you immediately see a large home-made map of where they source all their ingredients. This just adds to their level of transparency and openness.

Looking even closer at the details, you’ll notice that even small things like the coffee cups have little notes and quirks that catch your attention. It’s these things that really show how much effort and love that an owner puts into their craft.


One More Thing…

Don’t think about this place as a hip and posh establishment that it only for hipsters and vegans. This places and it’s owners truly care about the planet, and your health. Will the average sandwhich be more example than a Value Pick meal from McDonals? Probably. Is it worth the money when you consider how happy your body will be? 110% yes.