Content Creators: My Travel Favourites

Content Creators: My Travel Favourites
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[12 minute read/ 30 minute read+watch]

One of the most popular niches right now is this ability to share the experiences and environments from all around the world, through a screen. We see them on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and beyond. They are the modern content creators.

Below are some of my favourites, broken down by type of creator.

Travel Content – Informative

Hailing from my home country of Canada, Lost LeBlanc has made a name for himself by quitting the 9-5 work life and doing what he loves, which is travelling the world. His most popular video is about his story. He is extremely motivational, relatable, and easy to follow along with.

The reason I like Christian LeBlanc is because he goes into great depth about all the places he visits. While he may not win an award for cinematography just yet (although his work has skyrocketed in quality), his videos are packed full of useful information. 

Travel Content – The Looks

Okay, maybe I’m being bias towards Canadians, but Sam Kolder is a staple name in the travel video universe. Just type “Sam Kolder how to” into youtube and you’ll see a flood of videos that either 1) attempt to teach you how to edit like Sam, or 2) someone actually making a video that tries to mimic Sam’s work.

Sam Kolder has so many nuances to his craft that I could right an entire blog post just about that. He is very intricate and intentional in his shot sequence, a well-rehearsed editor, has a unique style (obviously), and is a total badass.

It’s really hard to argue and say that Sam isn’t a pretty great artist. While some may argue that his gorgeously luscious hair may give him an unfair advantage, he is still amazing at what beauty and effect he puts into his work.

Travel Content – The Tech

Alright, can I stop already with the Canadians? Sorry bud, just hear me out.

Travel Feels defines what it means to be a tech-know-it-all, and an amazing artist. While he is absolutely amazing at what he does, his information about the tech he utilizes is even more impressive.

Matti knows every camera, lens, lighting system, and backdrop on the market. He has years of experience in the field, allowing him to learn both the artistic side, as well as the nerdy tech aspect. By watching his videos, you can see the level of passion that he puts into this.

Travel Content – The Life

If luxurious living is your vibe, then look no further than the Scandinavian Power Couple of Jon Olsson and Janni Deler. Together, they live an beautifully lavish lifestyle. While they are based out of Monaco, they travel almost 10 months out of the year, all around the globe. Jon is into his second year of daily vlogging, and it shows no signs of slowing down.

Trust me, if you’re into expensive shit, then Jon is the guy to watch. He is an ex-pro Red Bull skier, and has the life to show for it.

Part of this lavish lifestyle means that he has access to amazing equipment. He shoots daily vlogs with full frame DSLRs, RED bodies, and GoPros, and has every accessory you can imagine.

Why Do I Spend My Time Watching Them?

Most fans spend hours a day watching and consuming this content for the soul purpose of escaping the real world. I absorb all of this content because I want to learn, in order for it to be my real world.